An Everyday Challenge


The last year has been the most frustrating year of my life. I can honestly say I feel so much better in the last month since going on insulin. I had to get past the feeling of failure because I can't control my blood glucose with diet and exercise. Oral meds weren't even enough. The emotional roller coaster is the hardest thing to manage. I am committed to a low carb diet and I exercise at least six times a week. When I take my sugar and it's higher then expected the emotional beating starts.

It's the toughest challenge to over come. I want to be around to see my children grow up and I want to grow old with my husband. I am committed to doing whatever i need to do to manage my diabetes. I am a 47-year-old wife, mom and diabetic. I was diagnosed less than a year ago. I went to my doctor for a physical.

I had been on a vegan diet and had lost 75 pounds over a year and a half. I had swollen ankles, was thirsty all the time and went to the bathroom a lot. These symptoms go hand in hand but I didn't put the pieces together. My sugar was 374 and my A1C was over 14. I was already within 15 pounds of my goal weight and exercising regularly. I took off the last 15 pounds, increase my cardio and weight training and still needed oral meds to get my blood glucose numbers down.

Now that I have stabilized my own blood sugar I feel there is a message I need to share. When I heard about glucostories, I knew this was a start.

I was touched by your story

I was touched by your story and am glad that you are feeling better. It is extremely difficult some days to manage especially when family members do not understand about the illness.