A Peaceful Coexistence


Type-2 Diabetes is a new challenge chained upon my father's life. It started as a weight borne by our family, as my father entered the diabetic phase of his life in denial. The first challenge was adding a regimen of glyburide and actos to his daily routine. He equated daily pills with aging and ill health. I presented the new medication as equivalent to the air filter in a car. Your car will run okay without the air filter, but the engine will last only a few months. Utilizing the recommended air filter, as taking the recommended diabetes medicine will allow a longer, healthy, smoother running life.

He accepts the pills as a positive part of his day, but the current challenge is disciplined dining. Dad loves large meals. He easily eliminated sugared sodas, and switched to artificial sweeteners for hot beverages. Each day he strives to enjoy a more healthful, balanced diet with respect to his diabetes. His daily exercise, weight and self concept are improving as he builds a personal, peaceful coexistence with diabetes.