My first year

My first year

I was diagnosed with type one diabetes December 27, 2008... my parents seemed more upset than i did because i decided from the first day that diabetes wasn't going to control me, i was going to control it.

Truthfully, i feel very lucky because by the time i got to the hospital my bg was over 800 and i had drunk 2 litres of water on the way over there. i had lost 17 pounds in one week. I know this because i was at the doctors office a week before because they believed it was acid reflux.

Truthfully, i am still scared to death of the concept that i type one diabetes, and that i will die without succeeding whatever goal that God has planned for me.

I remember a few weeks after we had a snow day so i decided to be oh so very intelligent and take my cell phone snowboarding, the next thing i know my feet fly out of the boots and i land on my side and my cell phone snaps. i was so upset because i loved my cell phone.

But while in the hospital the only person i kept in contact with other than my family was the one person that i trusted more than anyone else. But trust lead to other feelings for that young woman and i was severely depressed for the fact that she didn't return my feelings, but now we are good friends and i understand that she didn't share my feelings.

Now, i am healthier than i have ever been, i run everyday that i'm not busy, i play baseball and needless to say my pitching needs great improvement. but I admire the people who have lived their entire lives with the cursed disease of type one diabetes. because i fear for my own life daily and i know there are those who feel the same.

I now conclude this entry.