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Glad to be here still. On June 1, 2009 my daughter insisted that I go to the emergency room at the hospital, I had been feeling bad for a while and had started vomiting everything I put in my stomach. I thought I had the flu. Upon arriving at the hospital my head statrting ticking from side to side and when they took me back I was having facial seizures. My blood sugar was 1700 and they admitted me CCU. I was in CCU for 4 days and then allowed to move to a regular room.

I have never had blood sugar issue before but, I never really tested like I should. I was in the hospital for 11 days and I will never forget. With my Pancreatitus and blood sugar elevated I was a little lost for words when I was told I was a diabetic type II and would need insulin shots. I had a great nurse that helped myself and my daughter learn how to give me shots and started us on the correct diet.

I know that I wouldn't be alive today if my daughter hadn't insisted on taking me to the hospital that night. Also, I believe that God said he wasn't done with me yet and I have a second chance.