diabetes does not define me

diabetes does not define me

I was 12 years old at the time a great soccer player and loved school as much as a 12 year-old would. I started out drinking water way more then normal but we chalked it up to the soccer games and pratice then came the nonstop trips to the bathroom and my teacher noticed it was like 2 times an hour at first she thought I was trying to get out of class but then even at soccer practice (she was my coach ) I was doing the same thing. She mentioned it to my mom who made an appointment with my doc who listened and thought at first I had A UTI but after the urine test came back it showed sugar spilling into my urine and they got a finger stick and the meter just read HI.

The doctor called the ER and sent us straight over we got right in when the blood test came back my BG was 982 my mom was crying and called my dad he rushed over from the hospital he worked at and I was admitted to the ICU for a week my mom had to quickly learn how to take care of me daily since my dad was always working (he's a doc himself ). She was so scared of hurting me and after we got out of the hospital she learned and learned and we got my A1C down to 6.4 it was a day to day fight but my parents taught me I could still do everything I wanted to I just needed to pay a lil more attention to myself.

Two years later my twin was also diagnosed with diabetes my mom cried again but then she laughed at us saying we always do things in twos lol.

Today I am 27 yrs old and I use a pump and CGM to manage my diabetes with A1C's ranging from 5.8 to 6.2 the technology for diabetes is so great and amazing I am A paramedic and on my way to finishing my nursing degree and then on to who knows (maybe a cure? a little wishful thinking ) but diabetes has never held me back if anything it has made me stronger.

My family has gotten me through everything and I am one of the faces of T1 diabetes.

Thanx for the story. I need

Thanx for the story. I need to check my son's BG.

interested in the facts if

interested in the facts if any between you and your twin both getting type 1 diabetes- I am a mother of identical twin girls and me being a type 1 diabetic i am always in fear of them getting it but reminding myself type 1's are not passed down- any info on why you and your twin have it or is it just the luck of the draw ??